Chronology of major events


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This chronology of major events in the existence of the Tamil League is important as a reminder that  miracles do not happen in a twinkling but are the result of forceful determination, selfless dedication and sustained efforts.

 The more so, when we take account of the fact that, though it had to change its premises five times since its creation in Desforges Street before leaving definitely Port-Louis for Reduit, it has in no way deviated from its main missions – to the pride and benefit of the Tamil Community and the country at large. 



  • On 27th February, the Tamil League saw the light of day in an exiguous room in Desforges Street, Port-Louis.
  • Later on, it moved to corner of Felicien Mallefille and Poudriere Streets (Hindu Maha Sabha Building) where its library and literary activities started under the chairmanship of Mr K.Armoogum and its musical band under the leadership of Mr P.Rengasamy. 


  • New premises in Labourdonnais Square and the beginning of Scouting activities. 


  • It shifted to Louis Pasteur Street, where the Tamil League Scout Troop was formed under the leadership of Mr Kistapen Descann with the assistance of Mr Edward de Burg.



  • On 6th May, the Tamil League, as a voluntary socio-cultural association, was registered with the Registrar of Associations. 


  • At its new seat in Eugene Laurent Street, the decision was taken to organise an Easter Training Camp and an Annual Scout Camp in August. 


  • The 10th Anniversary of the Tamil League Scout Troop was celebrated at the Municipality of Port-Louis. Municipal Councillor Renganaden Seeneevassen was present among others. For some consecutive years, the Scout Troop won the shields for Island Best Patrol, Island Best Troop and Bob-a-Job Week.  
  • The Troop had the singular glory of having in its midst five Queen's Scouts (three Queen's Scouts at one time). The League has also produced the first Wood Badge in Scouting. 


  • Outings, including mountaineering, started. 


  • A year after the Youth Drama Festival began, the play “ Smuggler's Cove “ was staged, by the League. 


  • A scheme to give free tuition to Secondary School Students was set up. 


  • The League won the Second Prize at the Youth Drama Festival with Greek Aristophanes play “ The Frogs” 


  • To commemorate the 95th Anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore, the League stages his play “Sacrifice”. 


  • The League purchased a piece of Land at “ La Rue L'Eglise ” for the construction of a building, at the cost of Rs17,000.00 


  • 17,Church Street became the location of its new seat. 
  • “Sacrifice” staged once more (with collaboration of the Amateur Dramatic Club) in connection with the Tagore Centenary Celebrations. The League won the 2nd Best Play Award at the Youth Drama Festival for the play “Boy”. A week in November was reserved for the celebration of its Club Week.












  • An exhibition on the theme “Tamil Culture throughout the Ages” was organised, a fashion parade held and Kalidas “Shakuntala”staged.


  • “Yosif Yoske” was staged. 


  • A storey was added to the League's building and named after Tiruvalluvar.  


  • “The Wall” by Michael Walker was staged. Also “Les Boulingrins” of Georges Courteline. The “Gardener” won the 2nd Best Play Award at the Youth Drama Festival. The “Sentry Lantern” was also staged. 


  • With Seam O'Casey's “A Pound on Demand”, the Tamil League won four trophies in the Youth Drama Festival, namely, “ Best Director”, “ Best Play”, “ Best Actor”, “ Best Supporting Actor”.


  • With the English version of the Italian play “The Poet”, the League was awarded the “Best Supporting Actor” trophy.


  • Tamil League organised an exhibition on the “1st Four Year Government Plans”


  • The Tamil League once again won four prizes, namely,”Best Producer”, “Best Play”, “Best Actor” and “Best Supporting Actor” for Moliere's “ Sganarelle”.


  • The League won the “ Best Actor” shield for “ The Sheriff”. 


  • “The Wall” won the “ Best Producer” and “ Most Promising Young Actor” Awards. 


  • The Managing Committee decided to move the Tamil League outside Port-Louis to a more congenial and spacious environment to satisfy its increasing needs. 


  • The Club House in Port-Louis was sold and a plot of land of 2.42 arpents purchased in Martindale, Reduit. 


  • In the context of the League's Golden Jubilee celebrations, “ The Anklet”, an English play based on Ilango Adikal's Silappadikaram, was staged.In the same context, the Tamil League in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture and the Indian High Commission presented Dr Sirgazhi S.Govindarajan at a Gala Show  at the Mahatma Gandhi Institute, Moka.


  • On 3rd December, the foundation stone of the new building in Reduit, which coincided with the “ Seventh International Conference on Tamil Studies”, was laid by H.E.Sir Veerasamy Ringadoo, Governor General, in presence of Hon Armoogum Parsuraman, Minister of Education, Arts and Culture.
  • On 10th December, in the context of abovementioned conference, the Tamil League organised the finals of the “ Song and Folk Dance Competition” at the Mahatma Gandhi Institute, Moka. Hon A.Parsooraman graced the function by his presence.


  • On 06th April, the Tamil League gave a reception in honour of the best Tamil candidates of the 1990 CPE and HSC examinations as well as members of the Community who had been recently promoted to higher responsibilities in the Civil Service, namely, Mrs A.Veerapen and Mr K.Ponnusamy, at theQueen Elizabeth College, Rose-Hill. 


  • On 13th April, the Tamil League launched an audio-cassette of Tamil Devotional songs, composed and sung by Dr T.Krishna, karnatic music tutor of the Indira Gandhi Centre for Indian Culture. 


  • Religious ceremony on start of construction work and symbolical pouring of concrete for the first pillar of new building.


  • On 22nd April, the new Tamil League Buildingwas inaugurated by the Right Hon.Sir Anerood Jugnauth, Prime Minister, in presence of H.E.Cassam Uteem, President of the Republic and Sir Veerasamy Ringadoo, Patron of the League. A Souvenir Magazine was launched on the occasion.
  • On 29th April, an Inaugural Dinner was organised.
  • In mid 1995, Maitre and Mrs Rene Kichenin, of Reunion Island, paid a visit to the League.
  • On 1st July,  the famous singer Pittukuli Murugadas who was on an international tour gave a concert at the League. He was accompanied by his wife Devi and a musician Vadivel.
  • On 2nd July, the cultural delegation from the Government of Tamil Nadu led by Mr C.Gandhi, Secretary, Tamil Development and Cultural Dept, which was visiting Mauritius, gave a cultural show at the Tamil League. On that occasion, a beautiful wooden sculpture of a divine musician, donated by the Government of Tamil Nadu, was presented to the League by Mr C.Gandhi.
  • On 15th July, a Ladies' Sub-committee was set up, though ladies participated in the activities of the League since 1947.
  • On 12th August, courses on Conversational Tamil started.
  • In November, a Youth Sub-committee was created.
  • On 30th December, the Tamil League received the visit of two distinguished sons of Tamil Nadu, namely:-
    • Thiru Lena Tamilvanan, Asst Editor of Kumudam, Tamil Nadu's most popular weekly (with over 6 million readers) and Editor of Kalkandu, globe-trotter and travelogue writer, author of 51 books and editor of 1460 books at the age of 42 ( a world record ); winner of several awards and lecturer in journalism;
    • Dr S.Meyappan, former professor of Annamalai University, famous social worker, author, publicist and philanthropist.
  • During the year, classes in vocal Tamil music and aerobic courses for ladies were set up.


  • On 8th February, the Tamil League received the visit of Thiru Alagappa Rammohun (USA), Director of the International Tamil Language Foundation, who was on a global tour in service of Tamil.
  • On 22nd February, the Managing Committee of the League hosted a reception in honour of the five new Tamil Members of the National Assembly, who had been elected at the General Elections held on 20th December, 1995.
  • On 25th February, a Health Day was organised by the League to mark its 59th Annniversary. Free medical consultations were given by a pool of Tamil doctors to the members of the League.
  • On 13th April, the Tamil New Year 5098 was duly celebrated with a musical performance followed by atraditional vegetarian and arusuvai dinner complete with payasam, appalam and vada.
  • On 14th April, the National Organising Committee hosted a reception at the League to mark the celebrations of theTamil New Year ( Dhaathu 5098 ).  
  • On 11th May, the Tamil League organised its Annual Dinner in the new building for the first time.
  • On 1st June, the ladies' Section celebrated the “ Mothers Day” at the League.
  • A reception was also given in honour of Mrs Kistnamah C.Tirvengadum who had been awarded the President's Meritorious Service Medal on her retirement from the service as Principal Supervisor in the Ministry of Health.
  • On 18th August, a Treasure Hunt was organised for the first time. It became an annual event.
  • On 23rd August, the Ladies' Section organised a special “ Lutchmee Pusai” with the assistance of the Tamil Ladies from Malaysia who had come toMauritius in connection with the GOPIO Conference.
  • On 24th August, the Tamil League hosted a buffet dinner in honour of the Tamil delegates attending the 4thInternational Convention of the Global Organisation of the People of Indian Origin ( GOPIO).
  • On 20th October, “ Saraspadee Pusai” which was organised for the first time at the League had such a tremendous success that it became an annual event ever since.
  • On 1st November, the League commemorated the 10th Anniversary of the sad and premature demise of Harry krishna Saminaden in presence of Lady Sarojini Jugnauth, an old friend of the Saminaden family and his elder brother Jugdish.
  • On that occasion the play “ Why did you attend the forum, my son ?” written by Harry Saminaden and produced by Vel Veeramootoo was staged at the League. 
  • On the same occasion, Harry's sister who sponsored the ceremony presented an imposing bookcase to the League.
  • On 16th November, Tibavali was celebrated at the League.
  • From 21st November to 3rd December, in the context of the Foster Family Cultural Project ( Malaysia – Mauritius – Durban ) placed under the distinguished patronage of Dato Samy Velu, Minister of Works of Malaysia, a group of 32 Malaysian Agricultural University students visited Mauritius.
  • Each student was entrusted to a foster family for 4 days, mostly members of the League, in presence of Mrs Zorah Uteem, spouse of the President of the Republic.
  • On 30th November, the Malaysian Delegation hosted a Malaysian Cultural and Food Festival at the League.
  • On 13th December, the Tamil League hosted a dinner in honour of the delegates to the 3rd International Tamil Teachers' Conference.
  • On 21st December, a Family Party was held at the League.
  • On 28th December, a Children's Party was organised at the League when Father Christmas, attired in his traditional costume, distributed toys to children. On the same day, and End-of-Year Party was held.


  • On 17th January, the League attended the Ubayam in connection with the Cavadee Festival.
  • On 22nd February, a special General Assembly approved a  New Constitution in keeping with the new age.
  • 27th of February is a memorable day in the history of the Tamil League because on that very day the League became a “ sexagenarian”, respectful and respected. The “ sexagenarian”, unlike its peers, could not afford to enjoy the luxury of a peaceful retirement. In its wisdom and with renewed vigour, it is poised to face the challenges of the next century boldly.
  • A religious ceremony was performed at the Kaylasson Kovil, Port-Louis. In the context of its “ Diamond Jubilee Celebrations”, the League organised a series of cultural and social activities in line with its objectives, as follows:-
  • 8th March – (a) Twinning ceremony with:
  • 1.  Silambam Association of Malaysia, and2.  Tamij Sangam of Reunion Island.(b) Launching of a Souvenir Magazine.(c) Launching of Scholarship Schemes:An academic scholarship to secondary student ( a boy and a girl ) to pursue their education for a minimum period of 7 years as well as a vocational training programme to develop the entrepreneurial acumen of the youngsters were established. The scholarship and the training program were meant exclusively for young boys and girls of Tamil origin.To implement the schemes, a Special Scholarship Fund was created as follows:-(1)  The League would devote 10% of its annual income, and(2)  Donations from members, friends and sympathisers.
  • 9th March – Sports Fun Day.  
  • 15th March – Exhibition on “ Tamil Presence inMauritius “ was opened by H.E. The President of the Republic.
  • 20th March – Gala show of “ The Anklet”, based on the two millennia old Silappadi – Karam epic was staged at the Plaza Theatre under the Patronage of his Worship the Mayor of Beau-Bassin Rose-Hill Municipality, Mr Deven Nagalingum.
  • 22nd March – Community Service: Visit to orphanages.
  • 23rd March – Open Air Concert : Modern Tamil Songs ( Mellisai ) and Folk Dances.
  • 29th March – A Banquet Dinner was organised.
  • 10th April – A cultural show by the Malaysian Artist was performed.
  • 6th May – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ( Enlightened Spiritual Master ) spoke on how his breathing technique was helping people overcome their health problems.
  • 18th July – A “ Recital de Danse Barata Natyam et Danse Folklorique “ par L'Association Lumiere de Paris dirige par S.Deven Rengasamy et Rajen Moonoosamy was performed at the League.
  • 13th September – A Memorial Meeting to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of the death of Thiru Rajarethinum Sungeelee, eminent Tamil Poet, educationist, social worker, writer, reformer and champion of Tamil Language and culture inMauritius was organised.
  • 7th December, The Tamil Sangam, under the auspices of and collaboration with the Tamil League, held a free medical check-up for members of the League, their relatives and friends, and other people in the vicinity of Reduit.


  • 29th September – Saraspadee Pusai was celebrated.
  • 22nd October – The Tamil League hosted the Aaradhana Troup from the South Zone Cultural Centre, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu led by Smt Ambika Buch, dance teacher and choreographer. The Gala Show was staged at the Plaza Theatre.


  • 30th October – The Tamil League in collaboration with the Rasika Academy of Performing Arts (Mauritius) has hosted a spectacle entitled Prakuti Varnan which described the Force of Nature in the form of a Dance Drama ( the South Indian Bharatha Natyam classical dance coupled with the North Indian Classical Music.
  • From 9th to 22nd December – Foster Family and Cultural Exchange Programme (Malaysia –Mauritius –Durban ) was organised by Rover's Group G, Petaling, Selangor, Malaysia and Malaysia Mauritius Friendship Association.
  • The Tamil League participated by sending a delegation of 9 persons to Malaysia.


  • 1st April- Following an agreement between the Indian Academy of South Africaand the Tamil League, a cultural Troupe from Tamil Nadu, gave four performances on its return trip from South Africa in Mauritius. The Troupe was headed by Srekala Bharat, one of the foremost Bharata Natyam Dancers in India. The Troupe composed of 7 artists was accompanied by Dr T.P.Naidoo, Director of the Indian Academy of South Africa. 


  • From 31st March to 1st April – In the context of its 64th Anniversary and the celebration of the Tamizh Puttandu, the League welcomed the Veeramani Brothers from Chennai, artists of international repute, led by the famous duo-the singing brothers Raju and Kannan with the assistance of theIndianAcademy ofSouth Africa. The group was accompanied by Mrs Vasantha Naidoo, Deputy Director of the Academy. Two shows were staged, one at Indira Gandhi Centre for Indian Culture, Phoenix and the other at the Municipal Theatre, Port-Louis.
  • 8th December – Nightshade Cadenza. The Tamil League ventured to organise a grandioseNightshade Cadenza under a fantastically decorated “ Marquise” in its yard, The programme which included an interesting “ Expo-vente” started with a delicious Thai dinner followed by a fascinating fashion show that was coupled with a spell-bound spectacle. The whole event ended in an unprecedented success.



  • 22nd January – During the week preceding the Thaipoosum Cavadee in January, the Tamil League programmed the stay of the internationally renowned Tamil singer hailed from Chennai, Kannan Veeramani , who visited more than a dozen Kovils and enraptured the devotees of Muruga with his melodious voice. 












  • 13th to 20th June- Projection of EURO 2008 LIVE football matches at the Tamil League lounge
  • 2nd August - Aadhi ball
  • 10th August - Treasure hunt
    Treasure hunt 2008 
  • 20th August - Seminar held on "Sati - Immolation de la veuve sur le bûcher de son époux" and "Devadasi - danseuse sacrée de L'Inde".The seminar was presented by Dana Packiry Poullé.
  • 8th November - Saraspadee poosai
  • 15th November - the Tamil League held a reception in honor of his Excellency Mr. Madhusudan Ganapathi, Indian High Commissioner in Mauritius. His Excellency the Vice President of the Republic of Mauritius, Mr. A.V.Chettiar, GOSK, CBE and The Hon. Rama Sithanen, Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Finance & Economic Development and other personalities were present on that day.
  • 30th November - Fancy fair
  • 27th December - The Tamil League Youth Wing organised a casual get together for youngsters.
    Tamil league youth wing 2008 
  • 29th December - Donation of Food Stuffs & Distribution of gifts to the residents of the Tamarin Cheshire Home
    Donation at Cheshire Home Tamarin


  • 30th January to 9th February - the Tamil League again sponsored the visit of a group to perform in some kovils around the island during the thaipoosum Cavadee.
    We invited RAJU VEERAMANI, a famous singer ofdevotional songs on Lord Muruga,. He will br accompanied by Raja Natarajan, Tabla Player; and Kovai Natarajan, keyboard player.
    The Group gave recitals as follows:
    • Frid 30 Jan - St Antoine Murugan Temple, Goodland
    • Sat 31 Jan - La Chaumiere Sandirou Mariamamen Kovil
    • Sun 01 Feb - Parashakti Kovil, Chebel
    • Mon 02 Feb - St Aubin Tamizh Sabgham
    • Tues 03 Feb - Rose-Belle Tamizh Maha Jana Sangham
    • Wed 04 Feb - Shree Vinayagar Seedalem Kovil, B.Vallon
    • Thurs 05 Feb - Draupadhee Ammen Kovil, Rose-Hill
    • Frid 06 Feb - Belle Vue Draupadee Amen Kovil
    • Sat 07 Feb - Les Pailles Kovil
    • Sun 08 Feb - Goodlands Siva Soopramaniar Kovil
    • Mon 09 Feb - Sockalingum Meenatchee Ammen Kovil, P.Louis
  • 8th March - celebration of the International Women's Day. The programme of activities prepared for the day included 
    • A talk on 'Entente Familiale' by Dr.V.Naeck, Associate Professor Psycho Pedagogy, MIE,
    • Jeux d'antan - (Potte,Boule Casse cotte, Pass bague, La PLuie la pompe, Passe Boite,etc...) 
    • Outdoor Competition - (50mt race, Macatia eating, Sack Race, Tug of war, Spoon & ping pong, etc..)
  • 11th April - Varusha Pirappu Party
  • 19th April - a "seven-aside" football tournament organised on the occasion of the Varusha Pirappu. 
  •  25th April - the monumental tomb of Rama Tiroumoudy in Pamplemousses cemetery was restored, a timely action undertaken jointly by SOS Patrimoine en Péril – Save Our Heritage and the Tamil League, ably supported by a dynamic team led by Vel Vyapooree. “Les deux associations ont oeuvré à la rénovation du monument de style gréco-romain, dont la taille imposante donne la mesure du pouvoir de cet homme.” On the restored epitaph the visitor can read:
    "CI-GIT MONSIEUR RAMA TIROUMOUDY DECEDE SUR SA PROPRIETE BON ESPOIR LE 7 JUIN 1852 AGE DE 66 ANS Sa famille ci consacre ce monument à sa mémoire éternellement chère"
    Tiroumoudy tomb 
  • 11th July - forum on "A LA DECOUVERTE DU THAPPU"
  • 18th July- forum organised on the topic: THE CHALLENGES FACING OUR COMMUNITY.
    Participants : Dr Vel Pillay (Editor in Chief Vanakam), Dr Vassen Naeck (Senior Lecturer M.I.E), Dr Shakuntala Pyneeandee (Senior Lecturer M.I.E), Mr Barlen Vyapoory (Former M.I.E lecturer)
  • 26th July - Treasure Hunt
    Treasure hunt 2009
  • 1st August - Aadhi night
  • 22nd August - a talk was organised on the topic "Rituals rather than spirituality is predominant in the religious practices of Tamils in Mauritius" with Guest speaker: Mr Chandra Rangasamy (Sociologist).
  • 12th September - the Tamil League organised a lecture on  "The contributions of Sir Veerasamy Ringadoo to the development of Mauritius" (former President of the Republic of Mauritius)" by Dr Sada Reddi
  • 19th December- End of Year Dancing Party organised
  • December- Goods donation at the Cheshire home in Tamarin


  • January - Donation of panakon for Thaipoosam Cavadee
  • October - Saraspadee poosai
  • 26th – 29thNovember - MALAYSIA – MAURITIUS Socio-cultural exchange program
  • 27th November - Launch of book entitled “MAURITIUS TAMILS: SOCIETY, LANGUAGE AND CULTURE”, written by Dr. Paramasivam Muthusamy (Malaysia),  at the Indira Gandhi Centre for Indian Culture, Phoenix.
  • December - End of year dinner


  • 26th February - Food and drinks donation for pilgrims of Maha Shivaratri
    Donation for Maha Shivaratri 2011

  • 6th March - Food and drinks donation for Timeedee in Port-Louis
    Donation for Timeedee 2011 
  • 1st May - Talk on the life of Anjalay Coopen by Dr Sada Reddy and Mr Satyendra Peerthum.
  • July - Treasure hunt
  • 30th July - Launch of  the Angidi Veeriah Chettiar Fund for Community Development 
  • 20 -21st August - National Residential Seminar at the Dr. James Burty David Recreational Centre in Pte. aux Sables,Mauritius.   Organising committee:Mauritius Tamil Cultural Centre Trust, Mauritius Tamil Temples Federation, Murugan Foundation, Tamil Chamber of Commerce & Professionals, Tamil League, Tamil Speaking Union, Union Tamoule de Maurice. click on the link to download the official seminar report.
  • 3rd September - Solar production renewable energy electricity generation system at the Tamil League. The Tamil league is now fully powered by solar energy. The photovoltaic project was sponsored by Outre-Mer Energies Renouvelables ltd
  • 4th October - Saraspadee Poosai. The programme included prayers, songs, dances, poem recitation and distribution of school materials to children.
    Saraspadee poosai 2011

  • 17th December - End of Year dinner
    end of year dinner 2011


  • 75th anniversary of the Tamil League
  • 10th March - A South Indian fashion show. To mark the 75th Anniversary of the Tamil League and in the context of the international Women's day, a South Indian fashion show was organised at the seat of the Tamil League, Reduit
    Fashion show 2011
  • 17th March - Official launching celebration of 75th Anniversary of the Tamil League. To mark the 75th Anniversary of the Tamil League, the official launching celebration was held on Saturday 17th March 2012 at the seat of the League, Reduit. 
    A souvenir magazine, a DVD documentary, on the Tamil League entitled "a pathway laden with success", and a book on biographies of Tamilians who have contributed to the development of the Country and the community, were launched on that day. 

    75th anniversary 
  • 26th May - The exhibition on L'HERITAGE TAMOULE was launched by the Honourable Mr Tassarajen Pillay Chedumbrum, Minister of Information technology and communication (ICT)  on 26.05.12 at the Tamil League.
    The exhibition is open till Wednesday 30th May 2012.

    Press coverage in local newspaper- 

    l'heritage Tamoule

  • 3rd June - Cleaning of Tamil Cemetery in Les Salines
    The Tamil League in collaboration with Onex Fm has cleaned the old Tamil Cemetery located in les Salines, Port-Louis.     
  • 23rd June - In the context of the celebration of the 75th Anniversary, Tamil League has organised a free Medical check up and a blood donation with the collaboration of the N.C.D unit of the Ministry of Health and Quality of Life 
    Health check and blood donation
  • 23rd June -  to celebrate music day, the Tamil League has organised a Karaoke night  

  • 2nd July - Colours - A Valued Perception (a thematic Bharatnatyam presentation)  

    To mark the 75th anniversary of the Tamil League, the Global Rainbow Foundation (founder chairman: Mr Armoogum Parsuramen, G.O.S.K) in collaboration with the Ministry of Arts and Culture, The Mahatma Gandhi Institute and the Mauritius Tamil Cultural centre trust  has organised a thematic Bharatnatyam presentation called Colours - a valued perception  by Mrs Padmini Krishnamurthy on Monday 2nd July at the Mahatma Gandhi Institute.

  • 18-19 August- the Tamil League 75th anniversary badminton competition was organised at the stade France Martin in Les salines, Port-Louis.      
  • 2 Nov- In the context of the celebrations to mark its 75th anniversary, the Tamil League organisied a National Kolam Competition at the seat of the Tamil League. 
    Nelvina Mootien, Evna Armoogum and Samila Pavaday of the Lotus team won the first prize.
  • 11 Nov - Kolaveri a duet song competition. In the context of its 75th anniversary, the Tamil League, in collaboration with the Mauritius Tamil Cultural Centre organised at the MGI a Duet Tamil Songs Competition. The winning duet was Vedarshen and Isaimani Poinen



  •  27th July - During the month of Aadi, Tamil League in collaboration with the Saiva Sidhanta Achagar Kazagham organised a Tirukuttam on Taali.
    A panel of several priests talked on the following subjects:
    • The philosophy of Aadi month
    • The meaning of the Taali
    •  Aadi Kartigai
    •  Aadi Kalon
  •  18th August - Treasure hunt

    The treasure hunt was organised on 18th August 2013, and 13 teams participated. The winner team was captained by Lorsinee Moonsamy.
  • 8th December 2013- Tamlex Fair

    The Tamil League organised the Tamlex Fair at its seat in Reduit. There were expo/sale of products from small entrepreneurs. A variety of products was on sale at great prices: Jewellery, spices, shoes, perfumes, etc.


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